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Any people can practice Tai Chi, especially youth. If you are director, manager, or expat who is hardworking all the time, Tai Chi may help you reach the balance and internal calm and healthy. Tai Chi also may make you looks more beautiful if you are a female. At the same time, you may understand oriental philosophy and culture very deep.

Tai Chi originated from ancient China. Nowadays, it is practiced as an exercise for health. It...
- is suitable for almost anyone
- is easy to learn for health improvement
- has gentle and circular movements
- integrates the body and mind
- has many different forms
- is enjoyable to practice
- is known in China for centuries to be effective for arthritis
Concentrating on correct posture and breathing control, Tai Chi's movements are fluid, graceful and well balanced, promoting the complete harmony of body and mind. Tai Chi provides the mental relaxation and physical fitness so essential in our modern stress-filled lives.
Tai Chi is an unusual form of martial arts whereby we believe in building strength - mental and physical from within, softness is stronger than hardness, moving in a curve is better than a straight line, yielding is more efficient than confronting. It is especially different from western types of sports such as rugby where the harder and quicker the better. Tai Chi is a sport that strengthens the body as well as the mind from within.
1��The relationship between Taoism and tai chi

"Tai Chi" is also shared by Confucianism and Taoism two, I will be devoted to the follow-up process of the meaning of the word, where the first refrain from that. This course from me, because it is because I have twenty years experience in tai chi practitioners, I tai chi in the learning process, more profound understanding of the Taijiquan highly consistent with the traditional culture nature can be said that Tai Chi is China's outstanding traditional culture and martial art of attack and the product of combining Among them, the Daoist thought led Lao-tzu's "Tao Te Ching" is the cornerstone of the entire Taoist thought, but also the theoretical basis for tai chi, while the the practice of Tai Chi practice, but also just as "Dao De Jing" thought turned out well.

There was a famous tai chi at home once said a word: Tai Chi Chuan is a living "Tao Te Ching." Although we present here a friend of Tai Chi practitioners were not familiar with, I will follow-up course to share with you exactly how Tai Chi Chuan practice is going on and to a better understanding of the essence of Taoist thought, I also hope that we This course can all have a good physical and mental self-cultivation effect.

So what is Tai Chi health finally achieve a result? Or that we learn to support the purpose? Some people say that I am a religious Well that is to do an enlightenment Gao Ren, what is enlightenment Gao Ren?

Chuang-tzu describes reality to attain the Tao Homely person or people with high self-cultivation as "live" in another important Taoist classic "Zhuangzi" a large number of the book on the "live" and described in the "Zhuangzi" a book, all-round, multi-angle, multi-layered to show that we live in a state of enlightenment, let us first come to appreciate what Zhuangzi to show us the "reality" is what is looks like: "Zhuangzi ? Grandmaster": Ancient The reality is not against the widow, not male as no-mo with disabilities. If so, who had Erfu regret, when not contented also. If so, who and take a non-Li, into the water does not moisten, into the fire is not hot. Noto is known about those who leave on the Road, also if this. ... ... Ancient reality, I do not know that health, I do not know evil death; its a no-yan, whose income does not distance; Shuran while those who went, Shuran from just carry on. ... ...

"Zhuangzi ? Escape": ... ... ... ... Song Young-son and not add to persuade the world combined, but not of the world without putting ju, will be divided into internal and external peace, and distinguish the honor of the territory of peace, the Sri Lankan situation in the past. He his known to the world, no count ran also. Although the tree is not even worse. Sailing with wind-fu Lieh-tzu, Ling-yin good also, there are ten days and then back on the 5th. He was gvc who also did not count ran. Although the exemption in this peace line, still has to be those who are. Porto by heaven and earth are, while the Royal Debate 6 gas to travel infinite persons, Peter and the Wuhu be zai? Gu Yue: condemns individuals to free himself, God who, without power, sage unknown. "Zhuangzi ? Escape": despise Hakaya of the mountain, God Habitat Yan. Skin, if snow and ice, slush around, if at the child, do not eat grains, suction drink the dew, by clouds, imperial dragon, but travel outside the peaceful seas. ... ...

Free broad-minded soul in this state in a word, is how free, and unfettered ah! Without any restraints! What a comfort! How Happy! With the Buddhist words, "not affect", "Heart Sutra" there: Gua Ai No heart, no Guaai Therefore, no terrorist. Chuang Tzu shows us the freedom to broad-minded state of mind, this is our fundamental goal of cardiac repair for. Therefore, the so-called reality, which is normal, a normal shame. We cultivate our body and mind are not intended to become a pious, non-worldly air of the gods. But only to become a vast amount of ordinary Bale heart.

Tai Chi to people excel at what? Taijiquan practice by focusing on the body itself, through the practice of Taijiquan, and finally to achieve what kind of effect? Do best in the world of martial arts? Yang style Tai Chi Chuan says Hsu Yang Lu Chan was known as the "Young invincible" after less than two hundred years since his time, tai chi developed into China's largest martial arts genre. Taijiquan as a whole through traditional training, under certain conditions, can indeed excel at martial arts class, but since the stage of history after the cold weapons, martial arts, art of attack and a gradual loss of useless features, but the tai chi's unique and efficient health functions have to the people's surprise, so was known as there is nothing like the form of the movement.

Of the body comfortable practicing tai chi can achieve what kind of effect? Exactly the same as with the Chuang-tzu, is nothing but excel at a normal that shame, we have adopted the practice tai chi, the body which did not increase, what kind of things, if the practitioner who said through his body over something, I think that Most of the tumor. On the contrary, tai chi practitioners using a subtraction, the so-called repair, that is, get rid of excessive things; the so-called refining is Qucuqujing, remove impurities, a process of continuous purification. Finally the body of our excel at a high degree of harmonization, and a high degree of Tongtai flexible whole, "without making a bump Department, without so that intermittent Department steadily throughout the whole body, without even the slightest interruption ears."

Look after the feelings of enlightenment and the Monkey King, "when you go to where the bone Fantai weight, attain the body is light as light. A world that no one is willing to be determined, determined to repair Xuan self-evident. Haibo difficulty in getting time off today to come back very easy. Do not language is also exhorts ears, what period of transience to Dong Ming. " In a nutshell, is the body's comfortable! Big body and mind at ease

Of course, the body itself and the mind is inseparable from the freedom and mutually reinforcing, for our body, the heart is the master of the body, the body of the cultivation of self-cultivation, if left the nature of mind that only excel at one machine Bale (in front of said the state of the Monkey King), while the centripetal accessible without the body itself, that is not reliable.

Avenue not leave Fangcun Di, non-deliberately Xi non-intentional, even the non-chest transport refined gas, intentions pure calmly, 100 body self-dependent. Do not deliberately Xi Bu Zhao heart, which inadvertently was really the motivation among the non-tangible, nothing really develop a virtual spiritual universe, muddy one, both from natural health!

It can be said of our body Taijiquan practice with the "Zhuangzi" For us, the soul is our physical and mental Shuangxiu washing the two magic weapons, they have a common source of ideas that Lao Zi's "Dao De Jing"!

2��Taijiquan Theory of Cultural Origins

2-A.Taijiquan Theory forms the basis
Taijiquan Theory of the formation is subject to the effects of traditional Chinese culture is no doubt that China's traditional culture and a wide range, including philosophy, religion, science, literature, technology, arts, education, culture and life, in this broad play a leading role in the scope of philosophy. Philosophy is a natural knowledge and social knowledge in general and summary of each era of natural science and philosophy, literature and art could there be affected. The relationship between religion and philosophy is also very close, religion, philosophy, point of view must be included among, or the client's or criticism. In the past, the theory of taijiquan study, that the theory of tai chi from Chinese traditional religions, Taoism. In the theory of the origin of Tai Chi Taoist Chi Master record in boxing there is to say, currently overseas, many countries are still in the Chi Master Tai Chi for martial arts as Tai Chi Chuan's pedigree, showing profound impact of this theory. In addition to Taoism, the Tai Chi theory also contains more elements of traditional culture, such as the yin and yang, the Five Elements theory, the meridian theory of Chinese medicine, etc., can be said that Tai Chi theory is accompanied by the development of traditional Chinese culture, in the long term lessons and refining the shape.

2-A-a.Heaven's study on the impact of Taijiquan's theory of traditional Chinese culture as the core of traditional Chinese philosophy, primarily comprised of world view, values and ways of thinking. Ancient Chinese philosophy in the name of not only the name of philosopher, philosophy and the word is translated from the West. In ancient times, and philosophy is similar to the word "Taoism of science, moral principles of the study," philosophy can be highly summarized the content, scope, tasks, vocabulary, I am afraid that "Heaven's to learn." Chinese ancient times, many thinkers "Studying the occasion of Heaven" as the basic content of their thinking and goals. The ancient Chinese philosophy, the highest category of "Road." "Tao" has Heaven, humanity divided, Heaven doctrine of fundamental issues relating to the universe, a considerable Western Philosophy ontology, natural theory of cosmology. Humanitarian doctrine is the doctrine on the fundamental issues of life, its mainly the origin of morality and moral standards, known as the philosophy of life. In the eyes of the ancient philosophers, there are differences between both links tend to Heaven for humanity, this, to humanity as the Heaven's return, the relationship between the two is "copy" and "to go" relationship. Heaven learn many of the ideas in the theory of Tai Chi Chuan was learn the characteristics of learning is one of Heaven is definitely the universe ontology is also a dynamic source of all things, for example, Zhang Zai theory "ontology" has two meanings, one refers to the primordial gas content, the second refers to the eternal nature of gas, but also exercise change. Ambiguity of ancient Chinese characters is rich in philosophy is especially true, as "Chi", "sex" "fate" and so on, are related to life. In the Tai Chi theory, many have elaborated on the gas, gas is not only the abstract is also material, there is also eternal. For instance: "13 potential heart-line power solution", the "Heart-line gas, works to make calm, is able to converge Such is Life; to gas transport body, works to make an easy one, is able to facilitate from the heart. ... ..." Boxing tactics of " Hold Dantian gas, practicing to live their strength, can play Heng Ha 2 gas "" gas-paste behind the convergence into the spine ... ... body in the spiritual, not gas, the gas is stagnant, "" Heart of Order, gas for the flag ... "and so on , but also drawing on Zhu Xi, Cheng Yi to "reason" as the ontological idea of "truth" might be considered beyond the static and dynamic things, but also the root causes of air movements, or the yin and yang, without beginning, the eternal dynamic and static gas unwarranted movement rests on the dynamic and static truth. Cheng Yi said, "days have been shipped without the Japanese to the months of winter and into the summer, the water is endless, physical health is not poor ..." Tai Chi Chuan is also changquan's said, "Changquan persons, such as the Yangtze River , endless .... " In addition, the characteristics and movement of tai chi Chang Tsai, WANG Ting-xiang, Wang Fu-chih as the representative of the gas monistic theory thinking is even more closer, and gas-monism of thought is the body of the universe is a kind of continuity, due to its own contradictions and endless movement of the material gas, gas within the part that contains yin and yang, with floating and sinking, lifting, dynamic and static interaction between the two sides so that the opposing nature of movement of Taijiquan fully embodies these characteristics reflects the inside and outside the high degree of balance to be achieved, just soft, actual situation, moving, advance and retreat, lifting, rolling and so on. Air doctrine of monistic thinking is materialism, and therefore the traditional culture has a profound impact.

2-A-b.Taijiquan Theory of Yin-Yang theory of the formation of ancient Chinese believed that the universe is light and dark, yin and yang are two areas that the alternating movement and circulation, this is the so-called "one yin, one yang of the Tao." In the Chinese academic, the earliest "Yin" and "Yang" as a pair of astronomical phenomena, astronomy and calendar areas, in the "easy pass" and I philosophy has developed into a cosmic ontological category. These two areas do not have the physical meaning of the entity, but rather abstract philosophy. Yang, that is apparent, is real. Yin, then the non-apparent, is a potential thing. The potential for the real thing biochemical things into existence the things in a potential thing, and this is a real transformation of yin and yang. Chinese philosophy the most profound ontological concepts, from "Book of Changes" in the yin and yang philosophy. "Book of Changes" mass ages agreed that the note, yin and yang, darkness and light are not two kinds of material. Dark Naishi the absence of light, rather than another substance different from the bright. Therefore, the theory of yin and yang are not two (or more) monism, but monism. Zhu Xi said, not at the same time there are yin and yang are two different things, but that the yin to the yang-sheng, Yang go to the shade. The same body, two kinds of biological phenomena, namely, yin and yang. This is a monism, but also is in line with the Book of Changes philosophical monism. Tai Chi is the reference to this in the name of justice. Wang Zongyue's "Tai Chi Chuan Jing", said: "Tai Chi persons, non-polar and Health; static and dynamic of the machine, is also the mother of yin and yang. Moving is just as points, and tranquility are combined. No less than before, with the song on the stretch ..." Tai Chi Chuan has shown is a kind of hardness and softness, static and dynamic phase and, yin and yang, also connected to each other conversion unwarranted movement patterns to express the things the opposition and transformation of the internal contradictions so as to achieve harmony and balance.

2-A-c.I thought of the impact of Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi theory, the theory of the formation of a substantial chapter in the art of attack and the two sides set out with the clever use of force, of which soft system just to Qiao Sheng-qiang, in order to able to play a strong game skills such as martial arts has been the people delight in talking about. So these ideas and techniques they come from? In fact, is inseparable from China's traditional culture nurtured for thousands of years. Ancient China is full of frequent, large, complex war, so the Chinese art of war a few years ago had developed mature, and still today, after thousands of years that people learn in different fields, we discussed techniques of Taijiquan Kedi time, I prefer the idea referenced, such as "the world's Zhirou, gallop the world matter to Kennedy." Taijiquan is the central idea of which dealt with gently, Again "will want to the weak, strong will of the solid; to want to waste The bound solid Okino; to allegedly attempted to grab the bound solid with. "This idea is also reflected in the Tai Chi theory, such as tai chi song to say" up and down all around, everywhere. Cijie who is Italian, not the outside. from the both, there are both left-right, there are pre-existing post. Ruyi up, that is blending under the meaning ... "and I thought, and echoes the Art of War, the great man Mao Zedong once said," I "is the an art of war. In fact, I was up for the military and political dialectics dialectics, and grandson, said, "those who fight in order to exact, to odd wins" (The Art of War. Powerful chapter) "I" talk "to being the country in order to odd use of troops. ( I 57) Tai Chi Chuan "hatchet man Song" ... ... According to textual research, "The Art of War" has been identified as the author of the general Sun Wu Wu Spring and Autumn Period, while at the same time period, another person's contribution to the martial are also prominent, and she is the more women. more women are spring and autumn when the female swordplay at home, the more people. According to "Wuyuechunqiu ? Gou conspiracy rumor" contains: "The more a virgin, out of Nanlin ... ... to engage the Nai Shi Yue, and asked for a sword of surgery. ... Women say: 'the Tao little easily understood and its meaning even secluded and deep. Road in the portal, there are yin and yang, door closed households, Yin Yang Xing decline. Battle Road, a few hands, which indeed the spirit of comfort outside the show, see's like a good woman, wins the like afraid of tigers, so they got a hundred, 100 people are treated as 10000. . "The more women on the fencing, which illustrates dynamic and static, fast and slow. Offensive and defensive, virtual and real, inside and outside, reverse and Shun, respiratory and other conflicts with the suction relationship between the two. Han Wang Chong," Lun Heng ? Do not throughout the text ":" sword skills of the home, the Big Dipper always win those songs more women of the city to school, the two-phase being the enemy, a clever one clumsy, its homes and win those who have surgery also. "In the Tai Chi theory, is also very similar records, tai chi spectrum recorded:" Every few years, see the pure power of can not be shipped, the rate of self-standing subject of restrained, double ear disease of Wei Wu. Yubi disease, bearing in mind yin and yang. Not bad ... ... yin yang, not bad yin yang, yin and yang relative to economic, side to understand the powerful "" Man, I just go soft that the people back that I shun the stick. Urgent action is anxious to be, moving slowly with the delay. Although changes in watery, while the reason for the consistently ... and sex ... "" the spirit within the solid outer show an instrument, moving like a cat waiting lines ", etc., tai chi theory, the large number of drawing such a theory of dialectical thinking," cloth Hou-shaped gas, with God Ju to the "realm, but also ordinary people can not look its neck. From this level point of view, said that within the family, or tai chi boxing originated in the Ming and Qing dynasties, it appears to be very far-fetched in the.

2-A-d.Taijiquan Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the impact of the formation of the Tai Chi theory, tai chi practitioners have to combat as a starting point, but also to self-cultivation for the purpose of life, both of which intent more clearly, in the Taiji boxing proverb has stated: "the intention to push the final details of what, longevity is not the old religion." Chuan Taoist Zhang San-feng For the world hero longevity, non-believers to the end of art also. This shows that the martial art Tai Chi Chuan is not only a game of technique, but also pay attention to good health. Spread traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, there is still fresh, it is because Chinese medicine has never been more than saving lives of the doctor-patient surgery, more importantly, it embodies the Chinese people's lives, to survive. The fundamental difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is the concept of Chinese medicine within which to "people-oriented, sick as a standard," died has been ill for treating disease, while the opposite theory of Western medicine. Medicine in the Tang Dynasty in China before and after the great changes in the Tang Dynasty, all the previous Doctors, thinkers and even philosophers are attached great importance to practice Buddhism, the Chinese often talk about the meridian will definitely be self-cultivation practice is concerned. Excavated in Changsha, the "11 foot arm vein after moxibustion" and other classics next to all attached to a guide map. The so-called guided surgery is an ancient practice, so when the medicine also known as the "Road Doctor," because it is related to traditional Chinese religion Taoism. To the Tang and Song dynasties, the large number of scholars into the medical community, forming a Confucian doctor. One feature of Confucian Medicine is: pay attention to unreasonable, not self-cultivation, not practice of. Taijiquan Theory and the "Road doctor" a lot of time thinking the same vein, focusing on their own practice, through the interest rate adjustment, self-aligning, adjusting shape, so that the meridian, meridians, qi and blood running smooth, of self-cultivation to achieve the purpose of life. Such as: "in deep far-reaching effects on" in reference: "an intention to be concentric with the quiet, natural everywhere Brisk. Bianti gas to two popular, must continue to not stop ...." In zhaobao Taijiquan Theory "10 Law" , the right blood, to the five elements��ľˮ����person within the five viscera, outside people's very penetrating discussion of facial features, such as: 4 tip, hair tip for blood, A tip for the tendons, teeth as the bone tip, tongue meat shoot. 4 tip Qi, then the Nei Jin Fa carry on. Another example: the five elements, the heart is a fire, cardiac-Yong Li l; spleen dependent territories, spleen moving vigorously attack; liver is wood, hepatic arteriovenous flame red; lung is a gold, pulmonary artery Shen Lei shock; kidneys are water, renal arteriovenous fast wind. This is within the five elements stored in those. Head-pass in the liver, arm-pass in the lung, ear-pass in the kidney, tongue-pass in the heart, people who pass on the spleen. The five elements with those on the outside .... Carved in the Meridian school meridians, collaterals, 12 by the tendons, 12 skin department, tai chi in order to pass Renduermo-based requirements "in order to air transport the body, such as the nine beads in every possible way" and also stresses "transportation of in the body, is issued in the hair. " Guer through tai chi, guided gateway to naturally regulate the meridian qi and blood to make it run smoothly without lag. To practice their moves can improve micro-circulation and organs of human link between the speed up body metabolism, so as to achieve good health.

2-B.Tai Chi theory, embodied in the cultural spirit
2-B-a.The spirit of inclusiveness will pass a long history of traditional Chinese culture from start to finish will pass through an inclusive and broad-mindedness, tai chi theory of the formation and development is also true. History has left our midst, but the way the ancients to observe the world has implications for today's Chinese people's position and attitude of the outside world. Taijiquan Theory through research and learning that we can understand the different times and in different genres, different ideas of traditional culture in which the blend and link up.

2-B-b.In addition to these aspects and, in the theory of tai chi also be included in the Confucian, Buddhist and other schools of thought in the idea at home, such as the Confucian doctrine of the mean, "impartial, Chiang Kai-shek times of refreshing ..." is a tai chi form of the legislation; Buddha made it clear that your heart, so as to pass heart heart, engraved Ziwu, which is Taijiquan spiritual cultivation, life Shuangxiu fundamental. Taijiquan Theory of the initial embryonic stage to the development of stereotypes from a very long time and in the form of its movement from single function gradually diversifying, Men Pai Lin and variety. Although each have their respect, but it can inclusive; though, television news with together, but it can also be absorbed with each other, long-term co-existence. In the development of Taijiquan, tolerance will pass, great virtue of the national spirit has been fully demonstrate.

2-B-c.People-centered thinking reflects the thinking of Taijiquan's theory of traditional Chinese humanistic spirit. Productive labor, social practice, martial arts, ideas, expertise and cultural exchange is an inexhaustible motive force of its development, while the traditional culture of the infiltration, extraction, summary of its theoretical basis and source of the formation. Taijiquan Theory in the development of the Chinese civilization has always run through people-centered humanistic spirit. "People-oriented" interpretation of the traditional thinking is this: In between heaven and earth, human respect; in between man and God, people-oriented. The core of traditional Chinese philosophy on the values of "Book of Filial Piety" there is a word, is called the nature of things humans are precious. "Expensive" is the value. People-oriented fundamental essence of human nature lies in the full and harmonious development. Taijiquan followed internally and externally, the God-shaped way of raising exercise, the pursuit of Heaven and Man, things I am thinking of one realm, respected each other poor relieve the less privileged, Loyalty to serve the country a model of personality. Tai Chi Chuan is a variety of physical and mental aspects of a balanced combination of quality, and make it as a philosophy of life is improved.

2-C.Either the West or the East in modern countries are promoting their own culture and national spirit, such as the French people spread the spirit of France, Germany, Germanic peoples to promote the spirit of South Korea a few years ago called the national policy of cultural and rejuvenating the country, nearly all in the worldwide launched the "Korean wave." Between ancient and modern, national culture and spirit of promoting culture on the progress, the state flourished. Taijiquan Taijiquan theory is the basis for the development of sports and guidance, tai chi, as a tradition of excellence in sports, its cultural values and social values are immeasurable, especially the founding of New China, Taijiquan not only as a sports culture activities to promote the launching of the mass sports has also become able to reflect the important carrier of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese culture has a long history and far-reaching, like Tai Chi in the new period of social development of this ambitious goal of building a harmonious society to play a more important role.

3��On Buddhism, Taoism and martial arts��the ��

Martial arts with Buddhism, Taoism, are inseparable. Let me talk about the general source of martial arts! Martial arts was originally produced in Taoism, is beyond reproach, because Taoism is China's local culture.

Buddhism is exotic, but the aim is on the exploration of life! This is the one! Of course, the destination is a! 'Forever! 'In this way, Daoist, Buddhist, this is one, name for the different!

Taoism, mostly monks, different people! And the countryside, many streets and marketplaces there is a gap, so transmission and practice of the law generally does not flow in the countryside, even now, is true, it will not become very popular! But, now there are wise in their efforts to significantly in the secular, with a view to benefit all sentient beings, these are events!

Buddhism flourished, has its historical reasons, in the Tang Dynasty, to the Buddha as the 'big', Empress Wu also used in power tools Buddhism, showing that Buddhism deeply rooted among! In view of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty in the history of the impact, it is now also a matter of course prosperity!

Taoism repair of, complex, very people whom you can! Compared with repair of Buddhism as "a simple multiple."

Now that martial arts, martial arts was originally created by the Taoists, we can see its roots and Taoism repair as inseparable.

We Musha, but in the use of such a kind of martial arts, Buddhism and Taoism for millions of road repair in a way to find a "forever"! That is, to reach a destination, there is by car, there are ferry, there are travel by plane. . . . Exactly the same, this is the repair of a monk, there is meditation retreat, there are nurtured in the art in respect of, as well as a Living Buddha Ji Gong!

However, all, to quit, determined Hui.

Therefore, we force those who want to know martial arts is just a prop only in cultivation, as may be fighting, there can be endless supernatural powers, which were revised in the side for you to use homeopathy in their lives just a bit! This is not the road! To know the truth, so I recommend:
Musha Must the classic! "Diamond Sutra" "Tan Jing"��
Why does not recommend the classic of Taoism? "Dao De Jing" "Yin Fu Jing," not very good? Yes.

Family division may be thought: Taoism, Buddhism repair as compared to some of the world jerky, because his rules are very strict door! No fate is difficult to door! As nedan, foreign Dan, it is easy to confuse the people, there is no teacher can say that can not be practicing.
So strongly cautioned to study Buddhist scriptures Musha, because Buddhist scriptures can teach you who know what is "Qi Shen Dan Tian" What is "Love One" in Buddhism this is the most common things, however, in the Warrior is very difficult to make sense of things

I am here to say that unreasonable, that unreasonable, because I put martial arts on the main, it is unreasonable!
"To the essence of Buddhist practice martial arts Know". This is the Warrior Within large "Road"! Add "" shows the greatness of Taoism is the same.

Reiterated: martial arts comes from Taoism, therefore, so to understand that martial arts is a religious one side! Be extended to serve, martial arts is a way of cultivating the self, so the essence of Taoism in the martial practice is applicable��
Reiterated: Taoism and Buddhism, name for different purposes only!Therefore, martial arts is also a Buddhist, a minor repair to be extended to serve, martial arts is Xiufo a way, the essence of all Buddhist practice in the martial also applicable!
Reiterated: the general says is only meant! Our intent is to explain Buddhism can make their own arms were aware of a number of obscure things, so that your body and thinking

Would like to achieve a faster martial they need to know what source this theory is my home and my teacher's admonition to my practice of the twoʦ��come true!

What was going on: At that time, family division usually always admonished me to see the Buddhist books, I disdain, one day,ʦ��pile in the walk home, the division suddenly laughed, and asked me to stop, saying: You see your brother What's changed? I am at a loss! Just think of its potential suddenly longer, suddenly even shorter! Range big. Family division, said, you have to ask him! Privately less than I asked, elder brother told me, you have to read books, but also meditation. I still do not care, this issue after a month-long, my three class mates also suddenly said to me, you want to see through, but also meditation! I had bought a bookstall, after which I've had two months at home therapist also laughed and said: Great to know it? I nodded. Know the elasticity of it? I nodded. It's still early. This is the family division of the original words! I also know that It's still early. It is by the book told me.

4��Qigong & Tai Chi Tours

Theoretical basis of Qigong The human body is a complicated system. Gases form, food is digested, Qi and blood circulate, saliva secretes, waste material is discharged, the PH changes, and spiritual activity influences metabolisms, all happening continuously in response to the growth of life. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) regards such physiological changes as results of fluctuations and changes in the flow and function of Qi which circulate throughout the body through channels and collaterals. Qigong is a psychopneumatological exercise, drills posture, respiration and focus of the mind in order to unclog the channels and collaterals and re-establish body equilibrium.

Benefits of practicing Qigong: Qigong can affect the complex mechanism of the human body in various ways. Qigong experts and doctors in the past have done much research and established many theories. Contemporary research has further proven that Qigong is a holistic exercise, which requires little of the environment but produces a positive effect on the functions of all body organs and systems or tracts.

Effects on the Respiration System The effect of Qigong is very obvious on the respiratory system. Most people can deepen, prolong, invigorate and slow down their breathing after from 10-20 times per minute to 4-5 times or even fewer. When Qigong practice is effective, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide decrease. This indicates that Qigong increases alveolar ventilation by activating gas exchange. Reduction in the number of respiration does not cause shortage of oxygen but saves much bio-physiological energy which otherwise would be consumed in more respiratory movement.

Effect on the Digestive System Qigong exercise invigorates and regulates digestion. Studies have shown that the up-and-down movements of the diaphragm muscles in the Qigong-practicing group of patients were much larger on scale than in a comparison group that did not practice Qigong. The stomach fundus of a Qigong practitioner was also found to be six times higher than that of a non-practitioner. These Qigong-related changes prevent diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and premature aging.

Effects on the Blood Function Qigong can dramatically change the peripheral blood picture. Measuring Qigong effects on blood shows white cells increase 13 to 23 percent on average. The phagocytic index of white cells ma

increase from 40 percent to over 90 percent after Qigong practice.

Effects on Cardiovascular Function Static Qigong (also known as Quiescent Exercise) is particularly effective in slowing the rate of heartbeat. Qigong can significantly reduce pulmonary pressure, of which the effect is better than intravenous injection. After Qigong practice, the systolic pressure dropped 18 millimeters and the diastolic dropped 16 millimeters.

Effects on Metabolism It has been proved that a practitioner�s gas metabolism is reduced when one enters the quiescent state of Qigong, but change in the quantity of oxygen while doing Qigong exercise can reduce gas metabolism to the minimum level required by the human body ordinarily, which is lower than simply lying.

Tai Chi Types

a. Chen Style Taijiquan is divided into two kinds of the old frame and new frame and old frame is the early Qing Chen Ting-compiled by the original five routines, also known as 13 potential, and another 100 single-Changquan a set of eight potential, artillery hammer 1 set. From Chen Ting-on, after 300 years of a teaching, and accumulated a lot of experience, continuous processing of the original knuckle refined, and finally by the formation of the modern circulation of Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan 1st Road, and 2-way glove.

b. Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Lu Chan, Hebei Yongnian (1800 ~ 1873), and fond of martial arts, learning tai chi to Chenjiagou Chen Changxing, studying into the space where a teaching tai chi, because he can be tough to avoid, and the power of uniform, when he called Boxing is "soiled cotton boxing", "soft boxing", "of boxing." Later, Yang Lu Chan under the practices, the continuous development of existing Quanjia, but also by his grandson Yang Cheng soon as he was then revised accordingly cast as the Yang-style Taijiquan.

c. Wu style Taijiquan Manchu full-woo, the late Qing Hebei Daxing people, the beginning of Zen from the Lu Yang Tai Chi Chuan Tai shelves, and later thanks to Yang Lu Chan's second son for the teachers of a small shelf, well-known for being able to soften. His son began from the Han surname Wu, the name Stephen. Ng Kam-chuen, inherit and pass on the boxing-style continuous, non-vertical and not dancing, adaptability over-generalization.

d. Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan Qing County, Hebei End Sun Lutang, love martial arts, first learn Xing Yi Quan, Bagua, after school, Qinxuekulian, kung fu deep, the early Republican is true only with the HAO Xue-Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan, the Senate co-Gejia long, mastery, Sui Chong Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan, and author of "tai chi to learn." Sun-style Tai Chi is characterized by retreat hand in hand, stretch a round of live, action-sensitive, change the direction of more use to open and close phase, so called "opening and closing of the living-step tai chi."

e. Xing Yi Quan

The occasion of the late Ming and early Qing Shanxi Ji can create Antique - Cao Ji-wu - hit Shanxi Shanxi Dayron Bang mind, Henan Province, Henan MA Miller hit mind. Dayron Bang - Hebei Li Luo can. Li Luo able to absorb a large number of the Taoist theory, exercises diakinesis Antique of Xing Yi Quan.

Li Luo can - Shanxi Car Yonghong (car Yi vegetarian), Song Shirong, Song Shide, Li Guangheng; Hebei Yung-depth, Liu Chelan, Liu Xiaolan, He Yun-Heng; this eight disciples:
Yung-dark martial arts highest Shoutu the best reputation of the most widely influential. A "half-step collapse punch the world," said. Is leading the best in the world hands - Sun Lutang leads the way into the martial hall.

Liu Chelan - Li Cun-yi - Shangyun Xiang Xue Britain (Xing Yi Quan stays facade of the pillar) - Li Zhong Xuan (for "unfulfilled martial arts" in Guoxue declining and today the fire of the Xing Yi Quan) Shangyun Xiang Chong Naouji Xing Yi Quan.

Hebei style Xing Yi Quan sent a big frame, the greatest influence on the development of the best. Shanxi Xing Yi Quan style is to send a small frame, the impact of the development times.
Car Yonghong (car Yi Vegetarian) hit cars were Xing Yi Quan.

Song Shirong Chong Song Xing Yi Quan.

Hebei Xingyi "Shanxi Xingyi" Shanxi mind "Henan mind mind sinister meaning than the shape and form intended to develop than the mind, so now a lot of mind Pong-shaped Italy.

Xing Yi Quan Features

Xing Yi Quan is obvious gun boxing. Spear emerged after China's Zhou Dynasty battlefield Jueyi, there is nursing Wang Ting-kuo's achievements. In ancient times champion Zhao Zilong, Wei Jiang good gun. Jiang Wei has transmission Song Zhou Tong, Nai-Jin Jun coach, its believers leopard head Lin, further to its place, Zhou Tong in his later years there are believers Yuewu Mu Wang, Gunslinger northern setting. Xing Yi Quan focus on combat, play fierce, no gimmicks, straight into the Zhitui, shenfa swift, less Cuangao tumbling, such a style of play is particularly suitable for battlefield combat, or in gang fights with an enemy in 10. This experience shows that boxing is the experience of several generations of people killing one derived from the battlefield, can not be derived from a person of thought. The record, however, who can not be verified, and the respect for the occasion Ji founder.

Xing Yi Quan is also part of the Taoist boxing camp. Since the Antique content when there are a lot of Taoism, Li Luo energy change Antique of Xing Yi Quan is also absorbed a great deal when the Taoist theory and exercises. Xing Yi Quan pay attention to internal strength training, right in the enemy's mind when asked to mobilize the maximum potential out of the body in order to Motoyuki gas, a gas reminders force, in contravention of the enemy made a moment ago, vigor, and requires no elbow straight, shortening the punching distance, makes the Xing Yi Quan has a strong penetration can often be the enemy visceral damage. Therefore, the shape intended to players who, under normal circumstances, could not be easily shot, would not easily shot.
Xing Yi Quan are basically pictographic boxing. Its main routine mostly imitation of some animal predation and self-defense movements formed the so-called "pictographic and take meaning." There are dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, lizard, chicken, Harrier, Yan, snakes, birds Taiwan, eagle, bear-shaped 12-shaped Italy.

Xing Yi Quan, pay attention to the skill of Italian-shaped loose tight, shape stick to one pattern, style of play changing characteristics of the many-fold. Italy in the form of 12-shaped and focused by the animal to take the offensive skills, but it does not seek the image of Italy is really seeking Lianfa, pay attention to the element of metal, wood, water, fire, earth connotations. Gu band playing style is, there is "no strokes do not frame, that is what" in training. Home fighting hand to hand out a few, such as lightning, 1 minute Victory or defeat is the master, 10 minutes am winning or losing Yong Shou 30 min sub-frame depends on the outcome of a fight.

Xing Yi Quan as a profound element of the Chinese martial arts, through successive transmission of continuous study, practice, sum up, improve, and gradually form a relatively complete theoretical system. Although each has its advantages of their factions in boxing, it has a rich history with its boxing reasons. Pay attention to in order to Italy collar gas, in order to guide air force, intended to form two tables, one shaped Italy. Form and meaning through the mutual adjustment, inside and outside the interaction to achieve the body with the minor in effect. Xing Yi Quan smelting ethics, physical fitness purposes, not only physical fitness, self-cultivation of the efficacy, but also has rich combat effectiveness of martial art.

Xing Yi Quan vigorous simplicity, action, concise and practical, uniform, pay attention to bunt past use, fast break straight take. Xing Yi Quan's basic routines, such as the five elements boxing, 12-shaped and so on, mostly Danlian style, practice is not practice their moves.
In the art of attack and principle, Xing Yi Quan rock a later claim to seize the door. Boxing spectrum, said: "depending on who humilis, beating such as walking." "Practice their moves, no one like someone, fighting hand to hand, when someone seems to be no." In the fighting hand to hand, then asked, "Yudi like a burning body, hard-hit hard into the non-masking," "punched three not see form, such as not being able to see the Shadow," "from wind, drop-Ru Jian, slow down enough for you" . Xing Yi Quan in the shortest time required to resolve the fighting: "Do not move do not stand, just about." Means that the enemy to attack us, I do not have to parry, only a fatal blow, will win. Late Qing Dynasty, some Xingyi master is often the punch will hit flying enemies (eg, Li Luo energy, Yung-deep), Fist Li Luo Neng-Chao Xing Yi Quan step of scrapping to change two-step, blow will be a warrior blow fly turn the catch, after the killing blow to a powerful enemy (such as MA Miller, nephew of horse ternary). Therefore, very strict regulations Xingyiquan doors are not allowed easy of dealing with. Henan school Xingyi provides that: Any person rebelling against lack of filial piety, love of money, such as life who Chengneng deceptive persons, Tan Jiu Hao Sezhe, estimate shall not be received as a disciple; who are not allowed to stir up trouble practicing this boxing, failing to be patient, but also not allowed on the streets entertainer.

In 1954, the United States has a master Mingjiaojier than fighting in the Philippines city of Manila of a Chinese boxer insight demonstrated Xing Yi Quan, Jing Pei much that it is "the highest form of martial arts", "but be careful It's dangerous. "

Xing Yi Quan movements simple, cut in actual combat, martial arts development conforms to the trend, it spread very quickly. In addition, the Department of successive transmission of boxing less conservative, and is committed to theoretical research. It is the same as with the Tai Chi Chuan University, is the cultural advantage of its potential shown great vitality.

Xing Yi Quan quaint, simple and honest, and be full of offensive, is the best preserved of the martial arts boxing.
Just add this:

There is no external fragmentation within the boxing, there are no external hard into operation within, shaped Italy, by definition, shape and high degree of unity within the meaning and integration. Action Chiang Kai-shek did not rely upon, play may be just may be soft, different people can be physical exercise. Its magnificent Quan Shi, impulsive Tough, kung fu upper body fast, real strong. Since��Ǭ¡���started Xing Yi Quan in Henan, Shanxi, Hebei widely. Hebei Shenzhou Li, Xing Yi Quan Luo able to create after the Xing Yi Quan been continually developed. Shanxi Lianfa, Quan Shi compact, impulsive delicate; Henan Lianfa, Quan Shi bold, strong momentum; Hebei area of law, Quan Shi stretch, a strong solid. Year Master Guo Yun Xing Yi Quan has a record of deep, "half-step collapse punch the world" stories of the martial arts world.
Basic boxing is a three-body, the five elements boxing (splitting, drilling, collapse, gun, horizontal 5-type), 12 fist-shaped mainly Zhan Zhuang Shanxi some areas do not have three-body, while Liuhe-style, stand pubic region; 12-shaped for the 10-shaped. Dan Lian routines are the five elements in a chain, mixed-type hammer, four boxing, eight-style boxing, 12 Hung hammer, access holes, the five elements phase-sheng, also approaching, eight-character power, upper, middle and lower eight hands. Phase of training routines are five elements g, three hand guns, five fireworks, shelter guns, nine rings. Exercise equipment has a chain cutter, triple knife, chain gun, chain-stick, Sancai knife, Sancai sword, OK Step 6 swords, knives Luhe, Luk Hop guns, big guns Luhe, phoenix wings, and so boring.

Hebei's basic boxing boxing for five lines, the Republican faction in Shanxi Province during the 10 exchanges to be shaped, the latter Xue Britain has created pictographic surgery has enriched the content of Hebei Xing Yi Quan sent.

Xing Yi Quan attached great importance to the training of basic skills, the three-body need to spare no practice. This is the most important foundation piles.

Historical figures
Names must note
Ji, founder of the occasion may Antique
Lee, founder of Xing Yi Quan Luo can be
Yung-deep half-step collapse punch the world
Liu Chelan dragon-shaped bone found generation stunts
Song Shirong Song-type-shaped Italy, founder of
Li Cun-yi Liu Chelan to-human transmission, Tianjin Martial Art