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Class Introduction

1. Chen Style Tai Chi
Description: Chen Style Tai Chi is the earliest tai chi, and view the performance of Chen-style in form emphasizing force, compared with others styles Tai chi . The Great effect from the performing arts in terms of Chen-style , showing together hardness and softness, moving like waves, motionless like mountains.
Suitable object: Young adults and performers.

2.Yang Style Tai Chi
Description: Yang style Tai Chi stretch generous, mood lofty, simple and easy to learn, particularly for health fitness .and for beginners it offers a great room for improvement
Suitable object: Focus on health of the elegant people, retired people and those with chronic diseases

3.Wu JianQuan Style Tai Chi
Description: Wu jianquan style inherits the Yang tai chi stretch. Besides, it have improved. Wu Tai Chi evolves the ramp Contain positive and exquisite. The Wu Tai Chi’s practice can be achieved by refreshing your mind, curving your body.
Suitable object: White-collar elite, corporate executives and all levels of cultural and art workers.

4.Sun Style Tai Chi
Description: sun style Tai Chi is created by Mr. Sun whose accomplishments in modern China, nearly the first top, and proficient in all martial arts. Sun style is the best one in the martial art of attack and the cultural connotations.
Suitable object: People who are interested in kung fu and traditional culture have a certain foundation and understanding. Professional and non-professionals

5.Routine kung Fu and Push hands
Description: As the old saying goes: do not practice the limits, and then to the old just a dream. Tai Chi is a outstanding representative martial art within the family of the inner martial arts , and the skills and breaking the body limits in the tai chi exercises are also an essential part of learning, the skill practice in Tai Chi includes not only motionless standing and routine exercises, as well as art of attack and push hands.
Suitable object: Hope the achievements in the tai chi for a certain period and the fans for pursuing the Tai Chi martial art of attack
6.Dao Yin
Description: Dao yin is the health secret operation of China's ancient aristocratic people, has a teaching nearly hundreds of years. The guidance involves beautiful movements, coinciding yin and yang and the meridians, the interity of Heaven and Man, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, sun and moon. There are longevity, beauty, curing the illnesses and strengthening physical, changing bone achievements.
Suitable object: Action is limited and the persons for the purpose of health, the chronic illness.
7.Five Beasts
Description: Five beasts is created by the famous doctor Hua Tuo, the Eastern Han Dynasty ,who imitate the tiger, deer, bear, monkey, crane, compiling the medical qigong movements of animals against the disease, longevity.
Suitable object: Everyone for maintenance.
8.Ba Duan Jin
Description: Ancient Chinese qigong handed down as a dynamic power exercises. Ba Duan Jin from the eight composed of ancient and elegant body potential actions. Ba Duan Jin, a small amount of exercise, suitable to play before getting up e or sleep.
Suitable object: People who like a small amount of exercise and prefer to workout in the office or house.
9.Kung Fu Routine
Description: Kung fu routine means the motionless routines that when you play tai chi, focus on the whole body’s relax and movement steered by your waist.
Suitable object: Professionals.
10.The basic of pushing hands
Description: tai chi push hands is a two-hand combat exercises, and tai chi routine is the relationship between the body and usage. Both of them are a complementary, mutually reinforcing. This course aims to lead you to understand the basic techniques and knowledge of push hands.
Suitable object: Preferring the tai chi of attack
11.24 Style Tai Chi
Description: 24 style Tai Chi is a tai chi basic routine under the State Sports General Administration , easy to learn, is the entry of learning tai chi.
Suitable object: Everyone.
12.Others Martial Arts
Description: This course is mainly to introduce others outstanding martial arts, such as the Xing Yi Quan, Pi gua boxing and so on.
Suitable object: Others Chinese martial arts to other interested members.
13.Tai Chi Lectures
Description: Tai Chi lectures is to enable members to further a deeper understanding of tai chi's history and theory, while the high-level talks to open a series of related courses.
Suitable object: Enthusiasts looking forward to realize more about Tai chi and professional.
Description:The TTC is designed for the people who are interested in tai chi so much and want to further study tai chi or who are really hoping to become a professional taichi teacher.
Suitable object: The tai chi amateur and non-professional