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Q: Is Tai Chi only for the old people?
A:That is mistake about Tai Chi.Cause we always see the old men and women practising Tai Chi in the gradens so that we have the thought that Tai Chi is just only for the old man not for the young one. In contrast, Tai Chi is better for the young man and the reason is that the young have the high learning attitude and the good body condition,as a result it is very fittable for the young.

Q:Does the same Pure Tai Chi teach as the old man practising in the gardens?
A:Totally different. In order to master Tai Chi, the first thing is to find the right teacher and then learn all the basic things like hands postures and feet movements so on, meanwhile the most important part is to try to grasp all the points and the phinosophes of Tai Chi the teacher tought.

Q: I learn Tai Chi just for the curious and health, How to learn Tai Chi?
A:Pure Tahi Chi is almost the only one in shanghai designed for the man who want to workout and keep fit in the spare time and the ordinary. Although our teachers are very professinal, you are you are the freshmen so,we support 4 VIP classes for the beginners so that you can learn the basic konwledgement and join in more different classes.

Q: The movements of Tai Chi is gentle and simple,even slight. Do the moves really have the benefits for the health and workouting your body?
A:That is why Tai Chi is amzing. Gentle and Modest is the symptoms of oriental culture. Please our we are for sure that when you finish the first lesson in here,you will be the advocater of Tai Chi.

Q: Which kind of person is not fittable to practise tai chi?
A:Almost none. The chronic every time practise tai chi about half an hour, not too long. It’s very good for recovering if you practise tai chi everyday in the certain intensity .

Q: Which kind of person is ok to learn tai chi?
A:Everyone. As for the disable man, just find some moves in the maintenance of china.

Q: Tai Chi is Kung Fu, right?
A: China martial arts have various genres and Tai Chi is one of them.

Q: Is Tai Chi the same as Qi Gong?
A: The breathing way in Tai Chi is different from the ordinary breathing way so that you can keep your breath smooth, steadily,steam. But chinese Qi Gong also have a lot of styles, so do the Tai Chi’s breathing methods. But the members must master the art of Tai Chi breathing,if not, you cann’t do it well.

Q: Tai Chi has many genres such as Chen style, Yang style,……,how to distinct them?
A: Actually Tai Chi just only one created by the master who is not identified now. And after lot of generations handing down, different students perform their own style. If you are well known as the certain tai chi style, your style will be embalished as the orthodox one. Regardless of which tai chi genre you are in but, they have the commons, just a little bit difference like more offensive, more defensive,more gentle so on. As for the beginners and the curious man, whatever you are in, you will achieve the goal that tai chi is good for your health..

Q: which genre is Pure Tai Chi in?
A: The purpose of Pure Tai Chi is to advocate tai chi and benefit the ordinary people. We have the enough teachers to teach different styles tai chi. You can learn the certain one and workout for your health, as the result you will get the same effect at last. The charm of Tai Chi is your diligence will have the

Q:I heard that Tai Chi has lots of sets, any different among them?
A:Tai Chi was created in the end of Ming dynasty and the start of Qing dynasty, and Chen style Tai Chi is the first one, after a long time,then lead to the formations of the four genres such as Yang style,Wu jianquan style,Wu yuxiang style and Sun style. Altyough the sets of Tai Chi are so many, the commons of them are the same, and you should pay more attetion on the clearing your mind and even to reach the virtue.

Q:isTai Chi really created by Zhang San-feng? Debating the origins of Tai Chi Chuan, what is the significance?
A: The origins of Taijiquan has always been debated and it has not an authoritative statement. In any case, with regard to the controversy over the origin of Tai Chi Chuan Taijiquan publicity and promotion has played a significant role in promoting, but also allow people to be able to have more and more comprehensive Taijiquan more thorough understanding.

Q: Taijiquan On Clouds "by Jin understands the bands and the gods", past and present something to the gods of those who practice tai chi realm of people?
A: The Wang Zongyue in the "shadow boxing" theory that: "by the familiar and gradually understand Jing, from the bands to the gods understanding Jin." Shows that practicing Tai Chi Chuan is divided into three stages: familiar, understanding Jin, and the gods of understanding Jin. In martial arts terms, "form", "stroke", "mean", "style," the word meaning similar to refer to routines in a boxing-style and posture. The so-called "familiar moves", the name suggests, is to ask the right moves’s names to "memorize"; right boxing form routines to achieve "proficiency"; on the routine in a move one type, a potential one with the offensive and defensive "ideas" to achieve "well-known" , as well as from the thinking clear, to know when and where the circumstances under which you can use what "moves," or, "form".

This is the Tai Chi's "familiar moves" stage. What is "understand the power" stage? To understand those who know and understand, clear, understanding, that is also familiar with the "power", in the shadow boxing with the "force" is essentially different: Jin full and force straight ; Jin through and the power float;Jin flexible and the power stiff; Jin diverse and force on one-way; force of innate instinct, Jin is acquired and the integration into the. Boxing adage goes: "Kung Fu easy get but Jin rare gain", "power" promoter Sanda from continuous study and practice, step by step from the "tacit try to figure out," food for thought realized. Taijiquan "understand the powerful" is divided into two aspects. On the one hand to understand themselves, that is, for the King's own, technology, law, art there in your self-knowledge. To recognize that they are steel or iron, is half a catty, or 82. Is what we called the "friends" Kung Fu. On the other hand need to understand each other, "one expert to reach out to glance that there is no" should be a good understanding of each other as a whole, "Kung Fu" the level and the level of accurate judgments and sensing each other "powerful" the source, size and destination. Taijiquan "understand the powerful", the two sides in the more technology in order to "man, I just soft, I would shun people back, no less than before, with the song on the extension, stick with stick with, do not throw no-top" idea-oriented, and the The two sides more than the technology in hand should be judged: "can win, can be, and still can not win." For example: If other than my son first-class technology, I would win, at this moment, I must master the sense of proportion, to Germany for the last, friendship first, go beyond that, or happy, or become a close friend, so that the other side convinced; Should the "Qifengduishou" martial arts matched the two sides at this time must never "quick bucks", lucky to win, but should be in order and, unchanged for the best policy; Gaoyi Chou as the other arts than I am, then no need to deal with, should modestly other Qiujiao. "Knowledge can win, in order to win; know that we can hold, but also for win; know not win, still wins."

This is "know ourselves and our ever-victorious," the true meaning of also. Were less and humbly ask for help, is a "lose-lose boxing are not human." Lose boxing is not lost, "" not to the outcome of Heroes ";" lose-lose talented people, "" ignorance of life's most terrible. "Should the not close friend, and without awareness he, Yoshikatsu conceited, vain gaining the upper hand, only me, "hero", despite everything, storm recklessly, suffered a crushing defeat is bound to carry on. This is a one-yong's husband, is mediocre ear. Moreover, excluding such a means to win man-made " purpose ", even if victory is neither my Tai Chi Tao, but also that the" win boxing, lost people. "hatchet man supreme art of attack and the so-called first, this is art of taijiquan martial arts blasphemy and contempt of friendship is really not take, and the deplorable deplorable.

Taiji's "god" stage, is a tai chi enthusiasts should pursue the highest level. Should be noted that to reach this state requires constant quest to explore, try to figure out, and thought-provoking; must bogey impatient, lazy, bogey haughty; to service right way step by step, keep making progress. "Gong practice on the 1st, and technical fine day," "studious course of time." Gradually realized that, since the will "suddenly link up"; "New endless", by order climb. Since the can "and at the gods." Taiji in Italy mainly for the use of a gas. "Meaning" at any one stage plays a dominant and dominating role. But the various stages of the "ideas" content are different. Taijiquan "gods" phase of the ideas, not "memorize and skilled. Familiar"; is not a "person, I just soft, with the song on the extension, stick with stick with, do not lose no top"; but "intangible and invisible elephant, all the thoroughly empty "," completely forgetting without a trace, Miaoshoukongkong "," a thing No Yes, very Spirit of the Void. " In these "ideas" of domination, I's every move, acting in a natural, "rigid-flexible Ju Min, a god-line", always everywhere without the slightest of the far-fetched and stagnation. At this moment, I am nothing, but everything, boundless, limitless infinite, knows no boundaries boundless, endless. Tangible and intangible, invisible and visible.

Taijiquan "god" stage promoter than the technology, the two sides is not a body outside the skin, "stick with stick with the", but within a certain distance from the empty "deposited, covered, for, eat" and "intention" and the "Qi" induction, reflect, and high-level applications. At this time, his hands are not "pushing hands", but "pushing air"; not in use "powerful", but with the "meaning"; not Brisk agile quality match, but "nothingness" are there any turned out well. At this point, I have the stature "If the air is not visible, if the sunshine can not catch, such as the Mexican Night unknowable, such as 'spirits' of the unpredictable." In my stature, so that they could "see, touch or not catch, can not find, or even invisible." While the other side of the King, posters, technology, law, arts at this time the overall fall in no way useless. I shall win, than to the other side knocked down, but loss of balance each other since the inverted since the fall; I am not to "take this chance to leveraging, Cheng Xi with the move" "Invincible" 'and win, but on the other side to exhaust strokes 10000 1000 technology, but for me, "helpless" self-sue lost.

This is the Tai Chi Chuan's "god" realm. This is for the Tai Chi art and science in the study lies. Or ask: "Yi-chun of the theory, how to deal with the two or not?" The answer: "from nothing into everything, divide and attack the various break." Asked: "how to deal with more than Jesus?" The answer: " fists match for four hands, countless more people hero ", for an artistic hobby, exploration and pursuit of the struggle with the Yifaqianjun two different things. Tai Chi Tao, the fundamental aim is to keep fit and healthy, while the boxing skills of the research is a means for the physical health services. Art of attack first, not my Tai Chi. In addition, any search for knowledge, study of art, their way of thinking must never one-way, extreme and into a dead end, "count on one point while neglecting others" is wrong. West Chu Xiang Ji good "million enemy", the fruit can "enemy million people," Down? If we do this, where there is Gai defeated under the? Tai Chi Art, "longevity is a superior, thugs are intended to" Fitness is the fundamental art of attack and is the means, should the cart before the horse, it is ignorance about tai chi, tai chi departure from the way far from the truth.

Q: "Monarch says, the gods must have reached state carry on."
A: "I Yulu, very much difference." I humble opinion is drill an understanding of their feelings and experiences, but the shadow boxing "divine" realm, it is nothing The author Daoshi convinced. I Mother tracing, Probe into paths of Taijiquan "understand the powerful" phase of the extension of the "spirit" phase of the destination, do a little quest and find a rational, rather than surmise simple and thrown to the "bricks", Zhi In the rise to "Jade" Come on, the exact or not, look forward to urge the same


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