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Tai Chi Types

a. Chen Style Taijiquan is divided into two kinds of the old frame and new frame and old frame is the early Qing Chen Ting-compiled by the original five routines, also known as 13 potential, and another 100 single-Changquan a set of eight potential, artillery hammer 1 set. From Chen Ting-on, after 300 years of a teaching, and accumulated a lot of experience, continuous processing of the original knuckle refined, and finally by the formation of the modern circulation of Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan 1st Road, and 2-way glove.

b. Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Lu Chan, Hebei Yongnian (1800 ~ 1873), and fond of martial arts, learning tai chi to Chenjiagou Chen Changxing, studying into the space where a teaching tai chi, because he can be tough to avoid, and the power of uniform, when he called Boxing is "soiled cotton boxing", "soft boxing", "of boxing." Later, Yang Lu Chan under the practices, the continuous development of existing Quanjia, but also by his grandson Yang Cheng soon as he was then revised accordingly cast as the Yang-style Taijiquan.

c. Wu style Taijiquan Manchu full-woo, the late Qing Hebei Daxing people, the beginning of Zen from the Lu Yang Tai Chi Chuan Tai shelves, and later thanks to Yang Lu Chan's second son for the teachers of a small shelf, well-known for being able to soften. His son began from the Han surname Wu, the name Stephen. Ng Kam-chuen, inherit and pass on the boxing-style continuous, non-vertical and not dancing, adaptability over-generalization.

d. Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan Qing County, Hebei End Sun Lutang, love martial arts, first learn Xing Yi Quan, Bagua, after school, Qinxuekulian, kung fu deep, the early Republican is true only with the HAO Xue-Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan, the Senate co-Gejia long, mastery, Sui Chong Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan, and author of "tai chi to learn." Sun-style Tai Chi is characterized by retreat hand in hand, stretch a round of live, action-sensitive, change the direction of more use to open and close phase, so called "opening and closing of the living-step tai chi."

e. Xing Yi Quan

The occasion of the late Ming and early Qing Shanxi Ji can create Antique - Cao Ji-wu - hit Shanxi Shanxi Dayron Bang mind, Henan Province, Henan MA Miller hit mind. Dayron Bang - Hebei Li Luo can. Li Luo able to absorb a large number of the Taoist theory, exercises diakinesis Antique of Xing Yi Quan.

Li Luo can - Shanxi Car Yonghong (car Yi vegetarian), Song Shirong, Song Shide, Li Guangheng; Hebei Yung-depth, Liu Chelan, Liu Xiaolan, He Yun-Heng; this eight disciples:
Yung-dark martial arts highest Shoutu the best reputation of the most widely influential. A "half-step collapse punch the world," said. Is leading the best in the world hands - Sun Lutang leads the way into the martial hall.

Liu Chelan - Li Cun-yi - Shangyun Xiang Xue Britain (Xing Yi Quan stays facade of the pillar) - Li Zhong Xuan (for "unfulfilled martial arts" in Guoxue declining and today the fire of the Xing Yi Quan) Shangyun Xiang Chong Naouji Xing Yi Quan.

Hebei style Xing Yi Quan sent a big frame, the greatest influence on the development of the best. Shanxi Xing Yi Quan style is to send a small frame, the impact of the development times.
Car Yonghong (car Yi Vegetarian) hit cars were Xing Yi Quan.

Song Shirong Chong Song Xing Yi Quan.

Hebei Xingyi "Shanxi Xingyi" Shanxi mind "Henan mind mind sinister meaning than the shape and form intended to develop than the mind, so now a lot of mind Pong-shaped Italy.

Xing Yi Quan Features

Xing Yi Quan is obvious gun boxing. Spear emerged after China's Zhou Dynasty battlefield Jueyi, there is nursing Wang Ting-kuo's achievements. In ancient times champion Zhao Zilong, Wei Jiang good gun. Jiang Wei has transmission Song Zhou Tong, Nai-Jin Jun coach, its believers leopard head Lin, further to its place, Zhou Tong in his later years there are believers Yuewu Mu Wang, Gunslinger northern setting. Xing Yi Quan focus on combat, play fierce, no gimmicks, straight into the Zhitui, shenfa swift, less Cuangao tumbling, such a style of play is particularly suitable for battlefield combat, or in gang fights with an enemy in 10. This experience shows that boxing is the experience of several generations of people killing one derived from the battlefield, can not be derived from a person of thought. The record, however, who can not be verified, and the respect for the occasion Ji founder.

Xing Yi Quan is also part of the Taoist boxing camp. Since the Antique content when there are a lot of Taoism, Li Luo energy change Antique of Xing Yi Quan is also absorbed a great deal when the Taoist theory and exercises. Xing Yi Quan pay attention to internal strength training, right in the enemy's mind when asked to mobilize the maximum potential out of the body in order to Motoyuki gas, a gas reminders force, in contravention of the enemy made a moment ago, vigor, and requires no elbow straight, shortening the punching distance, makes the Xing Yi Quan has a strong penetration can often be the enemy visceral damage. Therefore, the shape intended to players who, under normal circumstances, could not be easily shot, would not easily shot.
Xing Yi Quan are basically pictographic boxing. Its main routine mostly imitation of some animal predation and self-defense movements formed the so-called "pictographic and take meaning." There are dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, lizard, chicken, Harrier, Yan, snakes, birds Taiwan, eagle, bear-shaped 12-shaped Italy.

Xing Yi Quan, pay attention to the skill of Italian-shaped loose tight, shape stick to one pattern, style of play changing characteristics of the many-fold. Italy in the form of 12-shaped and focused by the animal to take the offensive skills, but it does not seek the image of Italy is really seeking Lianfa, pay attention to the element of metal, wood, water, fire, earth connotations. Gu band playing style is, there is "no strokes do not frame, that is what" in training. Home fighting hand to hand out a few, such as lightning, 1 minute Victory or defeat is the master, 10 minutes am winning or losing Yong Shou 30 min sub-frame depends on the outcome of a fight.

Xing Yi Quan as a profound element of the Chinese martial arts, through successive transmission of continuous study, practice, sum up, improve, and gradually form a relatively complete theoretical system. Although each has its advantages of their factions in boxing, it has a rich history with its boxing reasons. Pay attention to in order to Italy collar gas, in order to guide air force, intended to form two tables, one shaped Italy. Form and meaning through the mutual adjustment, inside and outside the interaction to achieve the body with the minor in effect. Xing Yi Quan smelting ethics, physical fitness purposes, not only physical fitness, self-cultivation of the efficacy, but also has rich combat effectiveness of martial art.

Xing Yi Quan vigorous simplicity, action, concise and practical, uniform, pay attention to bunt past use, fast break straight take. Xing Yi Quan's basic routines, such as the five elements boxing, 12-shaped and so on, mostly Danlian style, practice is not practice their moves.
In the art of attack and principle, Xing Yi Quan rock a later claim to seize the door. Boxing spectrum, said: "depending on who humilis, beating such as walking." "Practice their moves, no one like someone, fighting hand to hand, when someone seems to be no." In the fighting hand to hand, then asked, "Yudi like a burning body, hard-hit hard into the non-masking," "punched three not see form, such as not being able to see the Shadow," "from wind, drop-Ru Jian, slow down enough for you" . Xing Yi Quan in the shortest time required to resolve the fighting: "Do not move do not stand, just about." Means that the enemy to attack us, I do not have to parry, only a fatal blow, will win. Late Qing Dynasty, some Xingyi master is often the punch will hit flying enemies (eg, Li Luo energy, Yung-deep), Fist Li Luo Neng-Chao Xing Yi Quan step of scrapping to change two-step, blow will be a warrior blow fly turn the catch, after the killing blow to a powerful enemy (such as MA Miller, nephew of horse ternary). Therefore, very strict regulations Xingyiquan doors are not allowed easy of dealing with. Henan school Xingyi provides that: Any person rebelling against lack of filial piety, love of money, such as life who Chengneng deceptive persons, Tan Jiu Hao Sezhe, estimate shall not be received as a disciple; who are not allowed to stir up trouble practicing this boxing, failing to be patient, but also not allowed on the streets entertainer.

In 1954, the United States has a master Mingjiaojier than fighting in the Philippines city of Manila of a Chinese boxer insight demonstrated Xing Yi Quan, Jing Pei much that it is "the highest form of martial arts", "but be careful It's dangerous. "

Xing Yi Quan movements simple, cut in actual combat, martial arts development conforms to the trend, it spread very quickly. In addition, the Department of successive transmission of boxing less conservative, and is committed to theoretical research. It is the same as with the Tai Chi Chuan University, is the cultural advantage of its potential shown great vitality.

Xing Yi Quan quaint, simple and honest, and be full of offensive, is the best preserved of the martial arts boxing.
Just add this:

There is no external fragmentation within the boxing, there are no external hard into operation within, shaped Italy, by definition, shape and high degree of unity within the meaning and integration. Action Chiang Kai-shek did not rely upon, play may be just may be soft, different people can be physical exercise. Its magnificent Quan Shi, impulsive Tough, kung fu upper body fast, real strong. Since清乾隆年间started Xing Yi Quan in Henan, Shanxi, Hebei widely. Hebei Shenzhou Li, Xing Yi Quan Luo able to create after the Xing Yi Quan been continually developed. Shanxi Lianfa, Quan Shi compact, impulsive delicate; Henan Lianfa, Quan Shi bold, strong momentum; Hebei area of law, Quan Shi stretch, a strong solid. Year Master Guo Yun Xing Yi Quan has a record of deep, "half-step collapse punch the world" stories of the martial arts world.
Basic boxing is a three-body, the five elements boxing (splitting, drilling, collapse, gun, horizontal 5-type), 12 fist-shaped mainly Zhan Zhuang Shanxi some areas do not have three-body, while Liuhe-style, stand pubic region; 12-shaped for the 10-shaped. Dan Lian routines are the five elements in a chain, mixed-type hammer, four boxing, eight-style boxing, 12 Hung hammer, access holes, the five elements phase-sheng, also approaching, eight-character power, upper, middle and lower eight hands. Phase of training routines are five elements g, three hand guns, five fireworks, shelter guns, nine rings. Exercise equipment has a chain cutter, triple knife, chain gun, chain-stick, Sancai knife, Sancai sword, OK Step 6 swords, knives Luhe, Luk Hop guns, big guns Luhe, phoenix wings, and so boring.

Hebei's basic boxing boxing for five lines, the Republican faction in Shanxi Province during the 10 exchanges to be shaped, the latter Xue Britain has created pictographic surgery has enriched the content of Hebei Xing Yi Quan sent.

Xing Yi Quan attached great importance to the training of basic skills, the three-body need to spare no practice. This is the most important foundation piles.

Historical figures
Names must note
Ji, founder of the occasion may Antique
Lee, founder of Xing Yi Quan Luo can be
Yung-deep half-step collapse punch the world
Liu Chelan dragon-shaped bone found generation stunts
Song Shirong Song-type-shaped Italy, founder of
Li Cun-yi Liu Chelan to-human transmission, Tianjin Martial Arts Museum curator, he reads: Martial persons, Xing Yi Quan.

Geng Ji-Shan Liu Chelan to-human transmission, Beijing, Si-min, the founder of martial arts community. GUO Yun-known form of deep meaning door "follow-the-kit" to marksmanship was known in his later years his son GENG Cai, Xing Yi Quan spread to Wuhan.

DONG Xiu-be born, and Song Shirong pro-Chuan Liu Chelan, while the Southern Shaolin Five Elements have both jiu-jitsu, self into a style, soft Pizhang, snakes and hard to cure, iron, broom and other well-known martial arts at that time.

Sun Lutang Yung-deep in their footsteps, Rong Tai Chi Bagua Xingyi rolled into one, sunshi Tai Chi founder, "Hebei Lu," one of the dodge excellent martial arts acknowledged: Steller less insurance, best in the world hands, also known as Universal Hand .

TANG Wei-Lu Li Cun-yi-human transmission, experts in art of attack, "Hebei Lu," one of the very good dodge is known as the North tyrant.

Shangyun Xiang Li Cun-yi-human transmission, nicknamed Iron foot Buddha, several re-boxing of the power collapse Yunshen half a step, the Chinese warrior will ring in the first press of its matrix, no one came to power.

Li Wenbin Shang Yunxiang the smallest is the apprentice, "Naouji Xingyiquan armed ū? micro"

Li Zhong Xuan TANG Wei Lu, Shangyun Xiang, Xue Britain in their footsteps, in his later years with the "passing away of martial arts" to introduce a number of do not pass the secret Xing Yi Quan, Xing Yi Quan largely saved the status of impending faults.