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Pure Tai Chi Teachers

1. Chang Shang-feng Tai Chi teacher, from the country village, Zhoukou,in Henan. Learning Tai Chi Chuan has been more than a decade。Its early years, searching for the Masters ang get the essence of all the genres of Tai Chi. Has extensive teaching experience and unique training methods, and the style of his classes is delicate and liveliness.

For the fast-paced modern society and the pressure to live in the status quo, Teacher Chang integrate what he has learned, combined with Taoism, Taoist health maintenance, Huang Di Nei Jing and other, well-designed courses to help train those to fix illnesses as soon as possible. Tai Chi teacher Chang taught, easy to learn and easy to practice and the high quality and efficiency, not only a significant health effects, and help students comprehend the profound philosophy of tai chi, so that every student could be aware of its meaning, fully aware of its grounds. So that practitioners in the work space simple exercise, can effectively improve their organization, improve immunity, away from the sub-health symptoms, makes people feel good, refreshed. Good feedback from many participants.

2. Shi Yong, clinical professional degree in medicine, the current Beijing Wushu Sun Lutang Cultural Development Center Shanghai Branch Secretary-General, long-term research and teaching Sun style Xing Yi Quan,Sun style Bagua, Sun Shi Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Pushing Hands.

Since 1995 in Shanghai, home to several well-known martial arts masters to learn Tai Chi, Xingyi, Bagua and other traditional martial arts; since 2002 my teacher was the master of Mr. Sun Lutang’s decendent Shou Guan Shun and systematic study, combined with past what i have learned, and was invited to set up Tai Chi courses for the presidents who are learning in a key university in Shanghai, and has participated in various types of Tai Chi teaching work, accumulated a wealth of teaching experience.

By more than ten years of classical Chinese medicine, classical Tai Chi research experience, in-depth to explore the mechanism of classical Tai Chi fitness, combined with traditional Chinese medicine classic "Huang Di Nei Jing" and the thoery of the Buddhism and Taoism, and committed to using Tai Chi to improve sub-healthy state.while i’m good at combining modern Western medical theory to explain the teaching and practice of tai chi and form a relaxed and easy style of teaching Tai Chi.

3. Being addicted in the traditional culture when i was a child, upbringing and scholarly class, taught by Wu Tai Chi Chuan in Shanghai, the fifth-generation descendant, teacher Chou zhongfu, even to tai chi and traditional culture in-depth research, has many years of bilingual teaching experience, students over at home and abroad, is committed to the promotion of Tai chi culture and research.
Sixth-generation descendant of Wu style Taijiquan

Three sections of the national martial arts
2006, Shanghai Chin Woo Wu style Tai Chi Competition champion of traditional routines
2009 Seventh Hong Kong International Wushu Festival Wu style Tai Chi Chuan Championship
2009 Seventh Hong Kong International Wushu Festival runner-up Tai Chi Equipment