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Chronic diseases of the tai chi tai chi exercises how to select adjuvant therapy for strength?

Taijiquan is a very gentle movement, both the effect of physical fitness for the recovery of chronic diseases also have a good supporting role, can gradually enhance the body's ability, so included in the rehabilitation medicine to health-care system Taijiquan being as important a means of physical therapy in China, many nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals have introduced a means of Tai Chi exercise. However, Tai Chi can not replace Chinese and Western medicine treatment of chronic diseases should first be under the care of a doctor's right to conduct scientific treatment.

Chronic diseases according to what kind of Tai Chi practice to select the appropriate Taijiquan chronic diseases. Those with chronic diseases in general should choose a more soothing, undulating small boxing, such as the 24-type simplified Taijiquan. But also, depending on the physical conditions of targeted exercises. There are many chronic diseases, different types of chronic diseases have different characteristics, some special types of chronic disease probably be in need of special care. Lower limb activities such as inconvenience, of course, can not do squat, as usual taijiquan be so deep they can even sit Zhizuo upper limb exercises, to vary. Chronic diseases in general, such as a heart, and respiratory, and neurological, in the process of shadow boxing, there is no need for special attention, as long as you can do so in accordance with essentials. A significant proportion of shadow boxing, the person may be chronically ill, they have the tai chi as a means of treatment of chronic diseases, it can not be made to play can not play on the issue is how to fight the problem, pay attention to methodological questions. If you have chronic diseases are lower extremity arthritis, and has very powerful, then doing squatting, of course, is necessary to reduce the time to kick a little, and do not let it load too heavy. If chronic drug treatment alone is not a positive approach should be coupled with some ease of movement, tai chi can be used as a chronic rehabilitation of medical treatment.