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a��Tai Chi 10 to say that the interpretation of

1, virtual collar top Jin
Link: initiation, virtual collar is a gently upward to mention is the lead of its body the spirit of an impartial body so that it does not receive the gas collapse, lead-off the gas are in the last, foot instability, top-heavy.
Top Jin Baihui in the head, we should consciously top Baihui, if they wish to have no intention to. Boxing are all top-Jin, Jin-collar top is good, the body lifted the spirit of boxing from beginning to end top of the key King must not be lost, a loss of top-Jin, and no spirit, it must get from the top enthusiasm for the whole body program
Jin-up collar, while the gas down the sink abdomen (Dan Tian), the two together, share in the sense of awareness on the pull, so that the body has released a long feel.

2, Hanxiong pull back
Asked out of the chest is neither shy nor recessed, so that to maintain the best posture and back, as mechanics on a curved lever is not allowed, pulling - the meaning of the curtain.
Pull back - like a one pairs of spinal opened meaning, shoulders to be flexible, but not to bow their heads. From the martial arts, said, spine stretching, there are to promote strong, and easy-to-hair strength.
Note: Do not mistakenly believe that hump to pull back, so to lose chest pivotal role, the same stretching back after losing the art of attack and the role of produce, but also harmful to health.

3, the body Chiang Kai-shek (up and down hand in hand)
Tail slightly look inside a closed, making the body from top to bottom BAIHUI, perineum, Yongquan three points into the line, the gas easier to launch, in the art of attack and health aspects have a strong role. At the same time levator ani, grabbing hips, buttocks before the close, we expected coccyx forward basing Nita (lower abdomen). The Tail that Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Kai-shek that the body, which is to be absolutely one of the practice of Taijiquan.

4, shape loose tight Italy (intention not your strength)
In practice their moves to request the body to relax, watching from outside the human body, muscles have not forced. But in fact every one to follow closely the ideas and actions to realize the intended tight loose form, it must also stressed that "Pine" and "tight" and the importance, but most people who practice tai chi is more than loose but tight enough, or more than tight The loose enough.

5, Relax your shoulders and your elbows
Chen Jian will shoulder the major collapse of consciousness, ideas, make the shoulders and elbows and waist-three pick in prison, can the arm root. At the same time, due to elbow, so to put between the elbows and shoulder length. When the arm with spiral-type movement, is to elbow for the Center. Elbow and wrist can also sit to put between the elbows and wrists long, therefore, to sit elbow and wrist are the key to the whole long arm of the release. Jin is conducive to sitting wrist (gas) sent to the fingers, elbow, that is to have drooping Zhou Jian meaning.

6, loose hips loose waist
Waist and hips loose and loose the body from the gas was easy to flow, hips do not accept non-pine, abdomen and buttocks will naturally convex outward, affecting the body Chiang Kai-shek. Loose hips loose and converted to a flexible waist.

7, tongue touch the palate
And practice their moves when the gas Shen Dan Tian, breathe deep, fine uniform, keep a clear mind, and must arrive tongue slightly lighter palate, and the body fluid will gradually rise, this is called the "Golden Jin Yu Ye," body fluid contains a large number of human essential digestive enzymes, lysozyme , practice of tongue arrived in the palate, and generate a large number of body fluid, contribute to physical health, while not easy to produce dry mouth.

8, pine, solid, condensate
Practicing tai chi school must do to loose body, gas to solid, and God condensate.
(1)The body should be loose: that the body muscles not your strength, beginner Tai Chi, Muscle �C
(2)of gas-solid: Solid is not undisciplined, cortisol and the gas is not undisciplined, before they can move is not loose, and whole body can be integrated.
The second step is to learn Tai Chi Kung Fu solid, how to make gas-solid, that is submerged in the pubic region gas (abdomen), not floating on top, but pay attention and take a deep breath qi is different. Virtual reality, gas-solid chest abdomen, the body will have the focus of the next feeling, no matter how the hand-foot movements, then the body from the gas-solid stability. The second step of this Tai Chi Kung Fu.

(3) God wanted coagulation: coagulation is the internal and external consistency. The so-called internal and external consistency, shoulders and hips together, elbows and knees together, hands and feet together, saying that outside the triple. Heart and Italy combined, Italy, and gas combined, air and force together, that within the triple. Condensate, will be able to cortisol-solid, such as internal and external do not coincide, must not the mind of that, that is the body's been to. Only internal and external consistency, ran psychosomatic together, and condensate is the third step tai chi kung fu.
To achieve the above three points, and practice their moves only when rains continuously, again and again.

9, actual situation and distinguish
Virtual: non-completely powerless, which need to have maneuvers, that is, pre-moving trend without moving, that the maneuvers.
Solid: non-completely account for evil, in the spirit, we should continue all the way, that is the meaning to mention. Remember two feet at any time do not completely account for evil, it should also distinguish between actual situation. Rotary Ql.

10, folded (Sport Essentials)
There, on that is, there is the former that is later, the left that is right, wishful to be up, that implies to move downwards, meaning that the implication should be up to the next, all around are all the case.

b��Key Points to the Practice of Tai Chi 24-Form-Style Simplified

To start:
Relax the whole body, keep the back neck up-right, rid of all thoughts, and keep your mind focused, breath naturally.
When bending your knees and down-suppressing your palms, keep your upper body up-right, without any leaning forward or backward, make sure your hands coordinate with the up-and-down movement of your arms and the stretch-and-bend movement of your legs, together with coordinated that is breathing thin-and-long (or deep).

Be sure the steps are light, body gravity remains on hind foot (leg), and slow in moving it forward to the fore leg. Palm-divides and bow-steps are to finish simultaneously. Chest should be in slightly-in-ward-bend gesture, arms form and keep circular shape.

Knee Hold-ups and Foot Twists:
The movement of holding hand and pushing palm should coordinate with the shift of your body gravity, make sure your up body not leaning forward, elbow slightly bends, in the process of your right hand bypassing your ear and continue to push out (forward), make sure the wrist changes gradually from straight gesture to sitting gesture, and from palm and finger forward pointing to, after passing by ear, the palm-heel forward pushing.

Be sure not to hurry in arm movement as you step forward, but to coordinate with the shift of your body gravity, ensuring the simultaneity, while left arm bends naturally and right arm slightly props-out.

Single Whip:
Make sure the upper body left turn happens at the same time as the body gravity shifts left.
High Probing Horse
Before the following-up-step steps out, the body gravity should first start slightly to shift to the left leg, but do not raise your gravity, rather keep it on your left leg, so that your following-up-step is steady and firm.

While both arms down-ward-drawing the circle, be sure your body does not lean forward, and be slow in ending your leg movement. Same is with your left foot.
Left-Down-Gesture and Standing:
When ???, make sure left leg does not stretch too far, and ensure the gravity is on your right leg while left foot inward-twists. The right is the same.

Left-and-Right Shuttling:
The speed of right hand getting-on-the rack and left hand forward-pushing happens at the same time as you shift your body gravity forward; make sure your hands and your feet arrive at the same time. Pay attention to left arm not to be too straight, rather slightly bend.

Take heed when you are doing palm-crossing that your upper body do not lean forward, and you should avoid head-down-ward-facing and chest outward pushing.

When sitting back your gravity, your palm faces upward.

Gravity-shift should be level, without ups-and-downs, tip of both of your toes faces forward, as you stretch and slightly kick your right leg, the gravity shits to the left leg. The width of the opening of your feet should be the same as that from one of your shoulder to the other. Hands form a cross with palm facing you face.

c��Mr. Yang Jianhou Push hands refined theory of

Hired thugs, the study also understand Jin. First teacher said: "from the familiar and gradually understand the Jin Wu, from the bands and the gods to understand Jin." Introduction to peace! How the husband should study the cooked before they can be useful to understand how the beginning of Wu-Jin, and are advised on how bands and the gods.

This chapter of the researchers are also advised to hurry. Fu Tai Chi of the trend already practicing, then when the first note is correct posture, movement of natural ability, until their is both a right and natural men, and then move practice applications. Application of both are good enough, Sri Lanka can be described as a cooked carry on. Although this, but Peter to
I came to one of the potential with only one ear. Ruobi number method used in conjunction with or because of my change of Sri Lanka, also, the Ruzhi He then hand-Jin Shang Yan understand.

Jin-fu to understand who has been unfavorable for office, pushing getting from here to unfavorable Office also. I want to attack the enemy's side also, with one mind we must first read, and then before the strike also. Anti-yes He can read there is no such a peace! Though wise Xianbu Xiao different, etc. One of its first, a concept may perhaps also different. Gubi read only read along with me, the authenticity of actual situation unpredictable exceptions, of no fixed dominated Gou, use a For Zhang Huang panic, fear should be the enemy's side too busy, yet its success Xi-zai! Although when the strike He's only starting to study, then when Peter I deliberately want to hit fast forward to France As everyone purposes. As everyone when He did not hit my body also, could you cited their frustration, or whether I shall move the dynamic Yubi first. To be not only blow to my body also advised how to change the direction of its force, so that as the one I drop the body, or can benefit from Peter's influence and its power but also Bishen turn back. These deliberately, how the study should only be able to find her, Gein I fear He's the strike somewhere also, he's somewhere I have fear of attack, this obviously is also the reason. However, to avoid the fear I strike at, strike at Peter's fear of attack, then how is this He want to win. Sun Tzu said: "know ourselves and our ever-victorious." Is what is called also. Side at the moment, can be described as fresh understood also carry on.

Jin understand, the more practice the more refined, gradually to self-sacrifice from the people, because the enemy changes, do not think derived from calmly middle, non-up in the gods carry on peace! Scholars to be the conscientious study, then surprisingly into the wonderful, and will thus also, for the theory.

Taijiquan thugs, Yiming Pushing Hands, relying on hand. Effective at the arrow quiver,��, squeeze, press, mining, Lie, elbow, by eight characters. Therefore, its eight characters living round the training of their bodies, so stick with the two adhesion, again and again, celestial globe ball endless mediation. This one's training as a rounded body, with the song on the extension, non-viable, and acts are all ethereal. I would reverse the enemy, such as stroke to adapt to, change infinity. Therefore, those who practice tai chi to a considerable extent, they must turn practice pushing hands. Pushing Hands practice to choose desirable companion study with each other, before they can benefit from. As for the hand-push method, single-push hands, double push hands, co-Step Pushing Hands, cis-step push hands, fixed step push hands, live-step push hands, Tai T? push hands, winding-step push hands. Although the methods, techniques are nothing more than the arrow quiver,��, squeeze, press, mining, Lie, elbow, by the law. Outside of, such as the outside to take the enemy with arrow quiver, press, squeeze, relying on, elbow, lost potential. To take the enemy even if T? mining Lie, the enemy arrow quiver I T? enemy T? I rely on, the enemy crowded I T? enemy According to my arrow quiver, of its power, or could it T?'s.

d��Taijiquan Theory Wang Zongyue

Tai Chi persons, non-polar born, the mother of yin and yang are. Action of the points, and tranquility are combined. No less than before, with the song on the stretch. Man that's just my soft, and I shun people back that's sticky. Urgent action is anxious to be, moving slowly with the delay. Although changes in watery, while the reason for the consistent. By Dr. Wu-cooked and gradually understand the enthusiasm, fresh from the bands and the gods understand. Ran the non-force the course of time, can not suddenly run through Yan. Spirit of the Void Top Jin, gas Shen Dan Tian. Impartial and flickering. Saju is left empty, the right while in the right dark and quiet. Yang Mi is just as high, the government is just as Mi deep into the the longer the withdrawal of the more likely to promote. You can not add a feather, flies can not fall, people do not know me, and I alone Understand. Heroes invincible, and thus are also covered. Si technology sect many, although there is potential difference, takes no more than, Zhuang bullying the weak, slow to fast ear. Unable to play a strong hand slowly so fast chips, it is both innate natural energy, the non-closed junior high school and is also promising. Review skillfully deflected the question of the sentence, significantly non-Li-Sheng; view of the masses of the oldest of the old imperial shape, faster He Nengwei. Legislation such as the quasi-scale, live, such as wheels, partial Shen is with the double then the hysteresis. Every few years, see the pure power and can not transport of persons, the rate of the system are self-Wei Ren, Wei Wu disease of the double. Yubi disease, bearing in mind yin and yang; stick that is walk, walk that is sticky, not bad yin yang, yin yang not bad; yin and yang relative to economic, side to understand the enthusiasm. Jin understand, the more practice the more refined, tacit try to figure out, gradually Congxinsuoyu. This is self-sacrifice from the people, have mistaken an indirect approach. The so-called difference a hair's breadth, Samuel of Trinidad. Scholars can not be identified unknown Yan. For the theory.

e��A move in the whole body to be Brisk Ju, and in particular runs through, gas should Gudang, God should introverted, non-defective so that Office, without making a bump Department, without so that intermittent Department, its roots in the feet, hair on the legs, dominate at the waist, shaped in the fingers, feet and legs from the waist. Will have to be integrated together, and move back and are able to afford their machines get the upper hand, there is no machine got the upper hand Office, the body will be scattered at the waist and legs of their patients will seek the upper and lower front and rear alike. Where Cijie is. Italy is not out there on that is, there ago, there were later, the left there are right, wishful to be up that is blending under the meaning that if things off that is the meaning to be Cuo; Sri Lankan off from its root. Is bad so fast, but is no doubt. Actual situation should distinguish between an actual situation there is one. Whole body steadily runs through, without the slightest interruption to make ears.

Changquan persons, such as the Yangtze River are endless sea. Arrow quiver,��, squeeze, press, mining, Lie, elbows, relying on the gossip also. Progress, backward, left Gu, right expectations of the set, the five elements also, according ���� arrow quiver T? squeeze, that heaven and earth Kanli four square also. Elbow by Lie ���� mining, namely, Tatsumi shock angle is also against the Gen 4. ���� Retreat stare fixed, that is��ľˮ����also. All of the potential was ��13�� also.

��Original note says: This was left on the Wudang Zhang San-feng founder Hero longevity are not believers want the world to the end of art is also��
��Tai Chi created by this statement by Zhang San-feng, Wu Yu started to, but according to textual research is not the case, so this article by a person not know what��

f�� Tai Chi Chuan-tips at the four-character non-Wu Yu-hsiang
Deposition: deposition who had luck in the body and wrap cloth on top of Peter King, impermissible action also.
Cover: Cover who come at a gas cap is also Peter.
Right: right person, to gas on Peter to office determined that the prospective head away also.
Swallow: swallow persons, in order to swallow their anger on the technology is also Entering.
This four-character invisible silent, non-understand Jin later, reaches a very fine position, but can not know the whole. Gas is made, can directly raise its gas and harmless so that it can impose on four-body, four body goes without saying carry on.

g��Tai Chi Chuan Wu Yu-Xiang Xie

Although moving the body, mind your static; gas to be grabbing, God should Shu. Heart is made, gas for the flag; God for the manager, being driven. Ke Ke note that the income side. First in mind, then in the body. In the body, then I do not know the dance of the hands and feet although the tread of the so-called "coherent", "self-sacrifice from the people", "the introduction of frustration", "skillfully deflected the question" also notes: No there is not a dynamic move, there is not a static non-static . Optokinetic still static, depending on the static still moving. Solid-spirit, explicit comfort. Need support from people, not from his own. From the others live, while from his own stagnation. Gas are still unable to, the raising of gas are Chun-gang He do not move, has been fixed; Peter fretting, had to move. In order to have been from the people, services to close friend, and is able to switch over with the next; to have sticky, must Understand, is can we not be able to post without first mentioning the spirit of affordable, there was no danger of Zhizhong; sticky matter sorted out according to Sterling, see the fall of the wonderful side. Reciprocating to be divided into yin and yang, advance and retreat shall be transferred together. Machines have been made by, force from the person who, by.